I found this image on Google images when I typed in “Facebook” in the search bar. I thought it related to Facebook well because Facebook seems to take up a lot of people’s time. Some people get so carried away with “creeping” on their “friends” that they lose track of time. They might have thought they were only on Facebook for 20 minutes but they were really on it for an hour or more! 

Anyways, as for commenting on the chapter I found it interesting that Paul Levinson had so many friends in which he didn’t. I was thinking about the friends I have on facebook and I know everyone that I am friends with. I mean I’m not close to every single one of them and there are people that I think I should de-friend just because I haven’t talked or seen them in forever, but I just feel guilty de-friending them for some reason. 

Levinson compares Facebook and MySpace in their subjective and object differences. Subjectively people choose one over the other depending on which one they first made an account with. Also which set up they preferred. Objectively, Facebook seems to be the right social network to connect with your actual friends than MySpace. 

Levinson mentions a time when one of his “friends” on Facebook asked him if he thought that the Web was contributing to “information overload”. Levinson gave him the best answer he could provide. Levinson thought about how easy it was for his “friend” to have access to such knowledgeable information by just posting on Levinson’s Facebook. “The world of new new media has made a knowledge easier to obtain than at any time in history” ( p. 124). It is true, that information can be obtained so easily with new new media now-a-days. However, one should understand that it is important to check resources so that they are not given misleading information. In other words, “new new media provide not only resources of knowledge but resources to check and correct any knowledge that needs revision” (p. 124). Just like with Wikipedia, there are people that update information so that it is accurate information for those that read Wikipedia on a daily basis.