830 – woke up from my alarm and a few texts.

930 – went to work, logged into the computer, signed on to Pandora.

Used my phone every now and then for texting, snap chatting, and social networks throughout work.

5 – got out of work. Held long conversations with my two friends. Waited to pick up my friend from the T around 630. Went out to dinner at Tavolo with two of my friends snap chatted and texted a few people while at dinner.

Drove to Regis to get ready for the SENIOR PUB CRAWL IN BOSTON! Charged my phone as much as possible while I was getting ready.

930 – SENIOR PUB CRAWL IN BOSTON. Texted a little while out and took a few pictures. And sadly, very sadly my phone died.


730 – woke up from my alarm. Checked my social networks.

830-1030 – observed at the Regis kindergarten for one of my classes so I didn’t use my phone at all.

1045 – checked social networks and texted someone after observation hours.

11-12 – worked at the library for an hour, logged into the computer, signed in to pandora.

Texted a few people for lunch. Talked for a short while on the phone with my friend but I said I would call her back because it was too loud in the cafeteria.

230 – Called my friend from home back and held a conversation for the whole car ride to Michaels store with my friend. Used safari on my phone to look up coupons for Michaels. Texted a few people while out.

Didn’t use my phone until my brother mike was at Regis to drive me home. Was on social networks for the majority of the car ride.

Held a long conversation with my friend for the majority of the night. Snap chatted a lot to a few of my friends.

Used OnDemand to catch up on two of my shows, New Girl and Glee. Fell asleep watching Glee.


830 – woke up to my alarm for class.

930 – Texted a few people in the beginning of class.

11 – in class I used my laptop to use WordPress

1215 – texted a few people about lunch.

1-3 – had work for two hours. Logged on the computer there. Signed into Pandora to listen to music. Used the Internet and typed up questions for my night class. Checked up on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter a few times.

Had a long conversation through texting. Went on Facebook and twitter.

540 – used a printer to print pit my papers for my graduate class at 6.

6 – used my iPad to take notes using Evernote.

Texted people during the break my professor gave us.

845 – texted people when I got out of my grad course.

930 – went out and used the social networks a few times while out.

1130 – checked up on social networks until I fell asleep.


Snoozed my first two alarms I set at 730 and 745. Woke up at 8 and looked to see any social network updates.

830-1030 – texted a few people while babysitting.

11 – had class in which I didn’t use any electronics.

1215 – Received a few texts about lunch.

2 – had class and again didn’t use any electronics.

330 – logged into my work computer and checked my email. Went on pandora for the two hours I worked. Checked my social networks (20 minutes). Held one long conversation throughout work. Texted a few times to another friend. My phone died around 515.

530 – went to my room to charge my phone. Had a few missed texts. Phone got to 15% battery before I had to leave for dinner.

630 – turned my laptop on to work on homework. Typed up homework, checked Facebook and twitter, listened to iTunes all on my laptop (2 hours). Snap chatted and texted within those two hours.

9 – took a break from homework, texted, instagrammed a photo, tweeted a few times and snap chatted.

930 – went back to homework and music on my laptop. Started another long conversation through texting. (2.5 hours)

1245 – got in bed checked social networks. Downloaded the new ios 6.1 on my iPad. Started typing my mini task for Tuesday and today using my iPad.


Woke up at 920 from a text saying that my piano class at 930 was cancelled. Which then led me to check my social networks while I had the privilege of staying in bed a little longer than usual.

11 – played around with WordPress on my iPad for a little bit while in my New Media class.

Received a text from a professor in class to see if I coul babysit her son while she went to a meeting at 1230.

1230 – texted my friends about lunch. Ended up bringing the baby with me

2 – after finishing babysitting i had work in the kibrary so i logged into my work computer. Listened to pandora for two hours while working. Checked my emails on the computer. Looked for a few books using the online Regis College catalog.

430 – texted a few of my friends and coworkers from my job at home since I was going to a work dinner party. Also checked up on my social networks while I was on my way to the dinner.

Took a few pictures using my iPhone at the dinner, texted and snap chatted during the dinner.

On the car ride after dinner I checked up on my social networks again. (25 minutes)

10 – held long conversations with two people while I was still out .

130 – checked up on social networks until I fell asleep, which didn’t take long.

710 – got woken up by a phone call, had a quick conversation. Thank god I fell back asleep for a little bit before I had to babysit.

820 – woke up from alarm.

830-1030 – while babysitting texted a few people, snap chatted, checked up on all the social networks.

11- 1215 – class.

1230 – lunch.

Texted a few people and checked up on social networks.

Found out my 2 o’clock class was cancelled from a text.

Before heading into work I took a few pictures of it snowing and then at work. Instagrammed the photo, which led to me looking at my phone a lot when people liked my photo because I get notifications.

330-530 – worked at the library. Logged into the computer, checked my emails, signed into pandora. Had a conversation on the phone for about a half hour.

530 – dinner, texted a friend sporadically throughout the dinner.

7 – updated a photo on Facebook which led to a lot of notifications pop ups on my phone.

730 – pulled out my iPad. Checked out all the notifications, played WWF, checked Facebook, twitter and WordPress.

8-10 – played around with WordPress and updated.

1030-12 – listened to songs on YouTube.

Read more on the blogging chapter and then updated my blog.

Checked up on the social networks and eventually fell asleep.

830 – woke up from alarm checked my phone with updates and social networks

930 – got a message on Facebook and responded to it

11 – used map quest to get to a specific destination

1230 – went out to lunch because regis cafĂ© was closed and i did not want to eat the cafeteria food. Was playing with my phone around, talked on the phone with my mom for a little bit and was showing pictures to my roommate.

Had a long texting conversation with my friend throughout the whole day. Texted a few other people sporadically through the day.

630- 730 – held a group conversation for a get together dinner Sunday night.

Passed up a FaceTime chat with my nana when I was at dinner. Texted, instagrammed and used snap chat during the dinner.

1130 – checked up on Instagram, Facebook and twitter before going to bed.


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