Mini Task 3

Mini task 3

I woke up bright and early like I oddly do whenever I am hungover, very depressing because then half way through the day I hit a wall. Anyways I really couldn’t wait to text a few of my friends from home and Satuday was the last day for the mini task and there was no specified time. It was nice to text a few of friends but what I found kind of funny was the fact that I didn’t alway have my phone by my side like I would have before this mini task! So in the end I did take something from this assignment and guess what I survived the challenge!!

Today was just a little bit difficult because I finally had nothing really to do. I didn’t have to observe at the children’s facility and I only had to work for an hour at the library. Plus my friends were going out to celebrate our 50 days til graduation so it was difficult not being able to communicate using my phone since I didn’t really have my iPad. I wasn’t carrying my bag with my books so I didn’t have my iPad at all times usually. Plus when I go out, it’s nice to text some of my friends that I am not out with.

Another busy day for me, which took my mind off of texting and using social networks.

Today was a little bit easier, thank god! I think not texting constantly and using my social networks on my phone for a couple of days definitely helped. I was able to focus on homework for a lot of the time, which was nice to not have added distractions. However, I did resort to my iPad more and more to communicate with friends and to use my social networks.

SNOW DAY! I got the usual snow day text from Regis and the phone call at 554am. My friend called me about getting food and she informed me that she texted me but she forgot that I couldn’t text. I went to lunch and my friends, Adam and Stephen were all joking around and teasing me that I couldn’t text so some of my mean friends thought it would be funny to text me 5+ times. Adam said “when you finally get to read all of these texts you will laugh so hard you end up crying!” After a good couple of productive hours without texting it was dinner time. I went out with one of my friends for dinner. While I was out I looked at my phone and saw that Stephen texted me 5 texts in a row, because once again he thought it was funny.
I definitely think that today was easier to avoid my phone. I did receive many texts but they were from my friends that were teasing me about the fact that I gave up my phone for a class and couldn’t respond. I mean I did cringe when I received texts because I hated the fact that I couldn’t respond but I knew the majority of my unread messages were from my friends that were being mean!

So I had to babysit this morning and I usually get a couple of texts during this time and I didn’t, which was nice. I got a text from one of my friends in which she knows that I can’t text… The text was probably asking me of I was going to lunch. Then in class I received a text from the mother of the baby I babysit. I kind of freaked out because I didn’t know of something happened with the baby or if she wanted to know whether I fed Her child while I was babysitting. So in class I turned to my roommate and she knew that it would be necessary for me to know what she was asking so my roommate checked the text and the mother was asking if I was around to babysit tomorrow but I can’t because I have classes. So I had my roommate text her back because I felt it would be rude to not text her back and I didn’t know if she needed to know right away. Later tonight I received a group text from one of my coworkers from my work job at home. When I received it I was talking to one of my friends via Facebook that also work with me and he said just informed my coworker that I couldn’t respond because of a homework assignment. Also I received a text from one of my friends at Regis that I usually don’t receive texts from this semester because we didn’t have any classes together so I tweeted to her via twitter because I realized that she didn’t have a Facebook any more. She responded by messaging me via twitter which I didn’t know existed?! She said she didn’t want to chat via tweets because she didn’t want others to see our conversation.

No texting started, the beginning of a very difficult challenge.
At the beginning of the day I went opened the notifications just because I didn’t like seeing the red notification symbol.
I got text notifications from my aunts and I knew it was a group text but I felt like I needed to check what they were texting about because I was nervous of it was something bad that might have happened. So I did check, but I didn’t respond. I don’t know if that is considered cheating or not?
Anyways, I hated when my phone vibrated. So I tried to figure out how to not receive notifications for games, emails, social networks and texts. I went to settings and went to notifications and shut off notifications. However, there were times that I kept getting notifications. So then I went to Settings and turned on Do Not Disturb so that my phone wouldn’t vibrate for anything. I set the Do Not Disturb settings so that it allowed me to still receive phone calls. Although when I get texts it still appears on my lock screen, it just doesn’t vibrate. But the good thing is that when I unlock my phone it doesn’t open to my text messages so I’m not tempted to look!
I set up my iMessage on my iPad as an email address and not my cell number so that it would not connect with my phone. I definitely message more on my iPad and Facebook chat than I have ever before.
Also later in the day I was going to use my map on my phone but I couldn’t so my friend used his instead. So there are ways to work around the challenges of this difficult task.
No texting is very difficult because it is so convenient to use but talking on the phone is nice along with not being in constant communication. Sometimes texting is unnecessary. My friends just text me throughout the day about random stuff. It’s not that I don’t like recovering random texts but they are unnecessary sometimes and catching up in person or on the phone is just as nice.


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