Mini Task 2


Post Mini Task 2: It was fun downloading twitter back on to my phone! “Twitter: your global town square.”

Saturday: Do I have to go ALL day to not use Twitter?! Since it’s the end of my “diet”, do I go all day or no?! I NEED answers people… JK! I think the only reason why I want to know is because I have been away from it for so long and just want to dive into it because I can. No reason at all. I don’t think I will use Twitter less because I was on a “diet”. But once again, who knows?! I have a feeling I might tweet things just because I have access to and I’m not on the “diet” any more. If you think about it, the “diet” wasn’t for me it was for my professor, Jim Armstrong. Why would he come up with such a crazy assignment?! JK, I understand why. I don’t know if it will benefit anyone but I think it might be considered an eye opening experience for people that do use social media excessively. So like I mentioned earlier on in the week, when one of my friends thought I was addicted… yeah, I’m not. Proved him wrong. It feels good #winning. 🙂

Friday: I didn’t really have much time to look at my social networks today. I was observing at the Regis College Children’s Facility behind Angela for four hours of the morning and then I went to lunch. After lunch I went to work at the library for an hour. I rested for a little before I headed out for a walk around the Weston Reservoir (If you haven’t heard about this place, just look at the picture at the top of my wordpress page. I took that picture when I went for a walk in the fall! It’s beautiful there!). Then my sister picked me up from school to have dinner and then go to the Regis basketball game in Chicopee. My phone surprisingly died before we even got to the game, which I don’t understand since I barely went on social networks on my phone. I NEED to go to the Apple store and figure out why my phone dies so quickly… It’s an iPhone 4s. How is it possible?! I’m not about to get the iPhone 5, just saying.

Thursday: I did think of Twitter today because we talked about this mini task in class. We discussed a little how everyone has been doing with the challenge. I mentioned that I just used Facebook and Instagram more just because I did have Twitter to also check up. I said that I didn’t think I gained more time for myself not having Twitter only because I use my other social networks, but I guess there’s really no way to tell if I do actually have more time for myself. The more I think about the more I think that I would have more time.

Wednesday: Once again, did not really think of using Twitter. Like I mentioned on Tuesday, it seems like I just use my other social networks more.

Tuesday: Heading into my New Media class I did think to tweet to a few of my classmates, but I obviously could not. I just told them what I would have tweeted them if I had access to Twitter. Throughout the day I did think of tweeting a few things. I think maybe the reason being is because I am at school with a bunch of people? Also, I think that the only reason why I ever checked up on Twitter through Mini Task 1 was because it was right at my finger tips. I check Facebook and Instagram possibly even more just because I don’t have Twitter.

Monday: Again, I did not even think about twitter for the whole day. Although when I went on my iPad I first clicked on Facebook and then (automatically) clicked on Twitter. But immediately I jumped and yelled “Oops!” because I remembered I made the commitment to not use Twitter for a whole week. So I deleted Twitter off of my iPad as well.

Sunday: It was a sad, sad day in the life of Meaghan Flynn. My friend immediately texted me saying how excited he was to finally take away one of my social media’s for a whole week, which was Twitter. I let him delete it off of my phone. For some reason he thinks I’m addicted to my social media’s?! I don’t know how that is possible. I mean it is normal to use it as much as I do because it is right at my finger tips. I guess we will see how I handle not having access to Twitter. On a side note, throughout the day I did not even think about Twitter unless someone brought it up. But I didn’t have withdrawals, so isn’t that a sign that I am NOT addicted?


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