Facebook Resisters

“The Facebook Resisters’ article written by Jenna Wortham (2011) brings a lot of thoughts to mind. First off, I don’t think that Facebook is going to go away any time soon. Yes there are people that are slowly using it less and there are people that refuse to create an account or go back on to their old account. I just think that there is so much that people do look for in Facebook; pictures probably being the biggest aspect. I love seeing my aunt post pictures of her two children going to the park or just random cute pictures of what they did on their snow day. I don’t think I would ever see them if she didn’t post them on “the book”. Many adults are creating accounts as well; maybe for work, to reconnect with old friends, or to continue getting updates on family and friends by looking at their profiles. 

Another thought that came to mind is that I don’t think people should be weird-ed out that you know so much about a person from Facebook. That person is posting those things about their lives so it is clear that whoever that person is he/ she wants people to see them. If you don’t want people to look at what you’re posting THAT badly then either defriend them, don’t post it, create a different account or accept the fact that everyone you’re friends with will see what you post. Although thinking about it, I think Facebook adheres to who and what interests you. So your Newsfeed is full of people that you most likely check on or talk to via Facebook.

I understand fully why people may not want a social network and it’s great for them; but it is convenient to create one big event without having to call or send out a group text,then having to worry about whether they have a smart phone because if they don’t then not everyone will see their response and so on. (Sorry for the run on sentence)


After today’s class and from reading this article, I think I am going to go through my friends on Facebook and defriend some. Although I hate to do this sometimes I think it’s necessary. The reason why I hate to do this is because I just don’t want to ever refriend them again for some random reason possibly down the road… who knows?!


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