Wikipedia, to me, is a quick source that can define a word or event that I am unfamiliar with. I would never reference Wikipedia in a college paper or in anything, to be honest. But, it briefly explains something that I am unfamiliar with and am interested in knowing what it is. I know that Wikipedia can be edited by any consumer. But there are such editors that keep an eye out for outrageous statements that could be made on a Wikipedia page. They may not catch the error within seconds or even minutes, which is a downfall for consumers that do trust this “free encyclopedia”. 

Advertisements – Broadcast Yourself

TV provides “immediacy” because it is immediate information that news reporters can obtain and it is aired as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Youtube is considered the “medium of record” because it is the same type of information that news reporters report but it is on the web forever. Anything that is posted on Youtube is on the web forever. Most grandparents or parents tune into TV, while teenagers and young adults just “youtube” a current event. 

There are some good and bad qualities, I think, with Youtube. Good, in the fact that you can post all kinds of videos on your own personal Youtube account. You can obtain information on current news or even old news. For example, while reading Levinson’s (2009) chapter on Youtube, I read about “Obama girl”. In which, I never even heard of that hit video on Youtube during Obama’s election. So automatically, I went on Youtube and searched it, then watched it. I wouldn’t say it was a good thing I found it, because it was a very different video posting. Don’t know why someone would even do that? Very strange. Since I was able to do such a search that was updated 4 years ago, make Youtube that more fascinating. The bad in Youtube, is when you have ridiculous people who write hurtful comments on literally every single home made music video. I just find that unnecessary. What are they doing with their lives?! Get a life, please. However, those people that do post not so good home made music videos, get ready to receive some of the harshest comments. There are crazy rude people out in the world.