Levinson talks about “citizen journalists” and how bloggers can also be referred to being called such a name. Anyone can be a blogger so if you want to look fancy on a résumé become a blogger and write “citizen journalist” and refer to yourself as one! What’s great about new new media is that it gets instantly sent out to people to view. Back in the day people had to go through numerous people just to get a written piece out in the world. Wile now its only with a click of a button. As Levinson writes “blogging combines the best of both – the personal growth of email and the long and wide reach of mass media”. However, the huge downfall of blogging ones own thoughts and opinions is that it last forever at the click of a button! Watch out people! People might try to ruin your lives! JK. But seriously, pictures, comments, posts, tweets, blogs, emails, etc. are going to be online forever even if you go back and delete it. There are people out in the world that may copy what you wrote. I know, I freaked out too when I read this; it’s true though. SIDE NOTE PEOPLE: please do not write nasty comments on people’s posts, it has to be one of the most annoying things ever. It’s so petty. Another side note: I think that people should be banned for writing rude and pointless comments. I know people can be reported on social networks but I don’t know if that is put into action on YouTube videos because people are really brutal sometimes. Does anyone know how reports even work? And do they actually get banned from that specific network?


One thought on “Blogginggggggggggg

  1. We covered trolling today. Although it is rude and petty, I think that there actually is a sub-culture of trollers who are otherwise normal people. But here is an idea for thought, they troll because in real life people have become so sensitive to personal “negative” (read: constructive criticism) that in reality trolling is a way for a person to show a humorous side of themselves while mostly being protected from litigation. Think about the Chappelle Show for example, if he actually did half of the skits in real life to people and tried to tape it, he would be sued up the wazoo. But yet he can get away with it because it is done through a medium of a comedy show. I know a lot of my friends who troll on organizations just to see if the person on the other end responding actually has considered an alternate point of view on whatever topic it is they are promoting.

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