TBT… MySpace

Once I read the title of Chapter 6 I immediately said out loud “what a throwback”, which then lead me to title this post “TBT…MySpace”. For those of you who don’t know what TBT stands for, it simply means “throwback Thursday”.

When reading the first sections of Levingson’s chapter on MySpace, they seemed to all be negative, like “Irresistible Appeal of ‘Friends'”, “‘Cyberbullying’ on MySpace”, or “New New Media Provide Medicine for Cyberbullying”. Then I started thinking about all of the past news stories about MySpace. Once it started to grow, it seemed like people were using it for different reasons and it was almost frowned upon to use one because so many abnormal things have happened with people using MySpace, for instance cyberbullying. People started to create fake accounts to see if people they knew or didn’t know would accept their friend requests. Apparently there are a lot of naïve people out in the world because that is why those news stories came about, because naïve people accepted friend requests from people they didn’t know and started chatting with them, in which that “friend” found out a lot of personal information from the naïve person. One might think you don’t have to be smart to have an account on MySpace or any social network for that matter, but you do.

Levinson mentions that MySpace’s description was “a place for friends”. However, there have been so many occasions when people have bullied another through MySpace. In whose right mind would it be okay to create a fake account just to bully someone?! Why go through all of that trouble?! And how does someone actually have the time for that?! And not only were fake accounts made for bullying, some people created accounts to check in on specific people. For instance, a faculty member in my high school created a MySpace or Facebook account (I forget which one) to make sure that students weren’t posting things about teachers on their walls. Would that justify making a fake account?

Lot of questions on this post. Feel free to comment, bloggers!


One thought on “TBT… MySpace

  1. OK…so… your pleas to get comments aren’t working. (Neither are mine, apparently.) Maybe a good way to get some momentum here is for you to comment on a handful of other blogs from class – have you tried that yet??

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