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In my spring semester of senior year, I decided to take two communication classes (Organizational Communication and New Media) my first time enrolling in communication classes, ever. New Media sounded of interest to me because part of the course description was about Facebook and Twitter, in which I am a consumer and producer of both! The first assignment was to read the first chapter of Paul Levinson’s text, “New New Media”, and produce something on your personal blog in which we created for this class. FOLLOW ME if you are interested with what you have read so far!

According to Levinson (2009), new new media is completely different than new media and old media. “A newspaper or broadcast medium” would be considered old media, while an online component of a newspaper or broadcast medium would be considered new media. I interpret Levinson’s terminology of old media as physical media, like physically buying a newspaper at a convenient store and holding it. As for new media, I interpret it as reading a published document online. But since the topic is mainly about new new media, I will express how I interpret his definition of the term. To me it seems like new new media is like social networks, where people are able to post their personal viewpoints on anything basically. For instance, when I post a status on Facebook or tweet something on Twitter. Levinson writes that new new media “enables any consumer to become a producer”.

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